Welshie Ride (Will she ride?) Florida to Colorado pt. 2

We made it to Colorado. This post is a little late because of adjusting back into a new routine in our “new” home and work office, but none the less, we made it safe and sound. After a much long road trip, it was longer and crazy than we, my mom and I, planned.

Thursday – Those first 10 hours.

A nice comfy hotel bed for me to sleep on all by myself! 

In my last post I mentioned I was suppose to be on the road at 7am, that did not happen. After hubby and I said our good bye, I started crying. The emotions of everything were coming up, I let my emotions boil till it’s ready to go. Think of a tea kettle on the stove, it just sits there and waits and waits then when it’s ready will whistle at you till you rush back to the kitchen and turn the heat off. That’s how I was, I was just the whistling tea kettle, I was crying. This was really happening I was really moving across country. “I’m taking the dog and leaving!” motto was all I said. And at that moment nothing was really there to help get me off the heat source, I had to walk Mungo around after his breakfast and that helped a little gather my emotions. Then I went and got my mom at the hotel down the road.

We had a mediocre breakfast with questionable “Southwestern” pre-made omelets in the buffet, so we stuck with packaged oatmeal.

Now came the part of loading up the car with all the stuff I needed to take for Mungo. We struggled to get it in, there was stuff that I was like, that’s not going to fit, so back into the apartment it went, yet everything magically for Mungo fit into the car.

There I was, everything loaded up in my car, Mungo and my mom were already downstairs in the lot waiting for me. I did one last walk around in the apartment, and it all hit me again. (Sorry I can be a very emotional person, there is a reason why) then mother nature got to me. The light bulb went off, “Oh that’s why everything has been even more intense emotions wise!” That monthly gift that you are fine with it in every other situation but a 30 hour drive! I didn’t need another thing to make this trip more difficult! Though you work with what you are given.

We finally got on the road at 9am, WAY later than we planned, but at this point I was okay with it cause everything was just stacking up in “my favor.” Off we went, sort of, we ended up turning on the GPS really fast, cause well, we didn’t know where to even begin to get on the road. Hint, we were suppose to go towards Orlando.

3 hours in, Mungo was asleep in his crate, mom and I ended up not getting the audio books we requested at the library soon enough, so thankfully we had Sirius XM. Our whole trip was going back and forth between: Laugh Radio (Stand Up Comedy Acts), Mad Dog Trucker Radio and The Highway (Country Music).

And we made it, to our 1st rest stop. And we said good bye to Florida what seemed like the longest stretch of flat road at that moment. Trust me, it wasn’t.

That first day drive just seemed to drag on! We took too many stops this first day because I was worried of Mungo being in the crate too long, and then our late start didn’t help us with time. We made our lunch stop in Georgia for chicken strips and fries in a park, I put Mungo on the long leash and he got to roam around and enjoy some fries with me. I know it’s a no -no to share “human food” but I felt bad of him not able to have his normal routine. But he enjoyed the fries together.

Back onto the road we went, and we finally were in the very tip of Alabama by dinner time rolls around, this is were trouble with a capital T starts makes our trip. Apparently my phone charger for my phone / gps was not working, so by the time we hit rush hour, my phone and my mom’s phone dies! I begin to panic inside, it’s starting to get dark out, my phone no matter how much I tried to or my mom tried to hold the wire to just get just a little bit of a charge to get us to a gas station it doesn’t hold out. We rely on somewhat of the print out directions, though we didn’t know where we were on the print out directions! Oops! I keep making a u-turns in the same place, we end up taking dirt roads to Alabama, and we finally found a K-mart and I rush in and get a cigarette phone charger and bully sticks for Mungo. I had to break down and buy them, though hubby never liked them after he did his own research because Mungo picked up in the parking lot during our quick walk as I let me phone charge a little, a new born baby size dirty diaper and he was parading around like “I’ve been stuck in a crate for 8 hours roughly I haven’t ran around so I will pick up whatever I want”

He chomped on that bully stick so happily in his crate when I gave him his Crate cue word!And I gingerly got that diaper out of his mouth.

(Thank you trainers again for the help on training this cue!)

I’m like only 2 hours till we get to the 1st hotel of our trip. A lot happens in 2 hours. It got dark, we continued to drive through back country 55 MPH windy roads. I don’t like night driving, mom doesn’t do so well either in it with her eye sight…but TA -DA that bright Auburn’s Townplace Suites light greeted us! I go in and begin the process of check in, cue trouble #2… I booked my reservation for that night on the wrong date! But the sweet clerk was true definition of Southern Hospitality!  We got in a suite room, Queen bed and we finally were able to stretch out finally!

Friday – on the road again cue getting our trucker names! *Meow*Meow*

I was SUPPOSE to sleep, but Mungo wouldn’t allow me, cause it’s all new places to be and new smells to explore! I gotten woken up by Mungo in the bed with me, like “Hello, I need to go outside and it’s 4am why are you sleeping, it’s 6am at home” Ugh! We get up and dressed and out we go to around the hotel, and what do we hear the roosters next to the hotel greeting us! I was up early enough to hear roosters! And Mungo just is sniffing everything and just not wanting to go potty. Finally we get back to the room, and sleep a little more, till 7am. Again, we were suppose to be on the road at that time. Didn’t happen till 9am again, cause we watched the news for our next destination, Tulsa, Oklahoma! And a huge rain storm was a coming.

We have a much better breakfast in the hotel, Waffles with chocolate chips for me and mom. Mungo got spoiled with banana slices in his dry food.

Off we go again, another 10 hours. This time it was just dreary drive, and then we get into really bad pouring rain. We turn on the Trucker radio station cause they would always have info about road conditions and we come up with the trucker name “Welshie Ride” “Will she ride” play on words there. We were just in a bad storm time with tons of rain no matter what. We got through Jasper, Alabama, enjoyed an apple together, St. Louis, Arkansas welcome center played some fetch on the long leash, got wet and then the dreaded Oklahoma weather we finally reached it. Another trouble moment.

We got into Oklahoma when it was dark around 9pm, raining hard again, windows fogging up, roads flooding, wipers are going as fast as they could. I’m trying to stay calm. We had about maybe an hour left to go before we got to the hotel. My hubby and my mom’s hubby / dad kept texting and calling asking what was going on why we haven’t called from the hotel. We were both getting peeved, and from one of the stand up comics they recommended if you don’t’ know what to say just say “Meow, Meow”. That’s what we did, kept going back and forth Meowing at our hubby’s and each other to stay awake and alert. We finally made it to the hotel, in an industrial setting, sketched out but just wanting to get on steady ground, we drive into the parking lot: trouble # 3 came up. The hotel was PACKED. 9 -10 year old Kids from a soccer tournament running around at 1030pm at night (take note about this time) and a wedding party was drinking it up at the bar rained in by the wind rain combo. One front desk attendant in the middle of the lobby, and I walk up peeved from the drive but trying to be pleasant,  because I’m using my employee discount for this, and still like to act professional.

Then he uttered the worst sentence any traveler never wants to hear….

“We don’t have a room ready for you.”

The horror of my ears, I tried to stay positive and laugh but the reasoning I got was like okay seriously!? Then he continued to talk and this is like please say it’ll be 5 minutes… nope…

“The housekeeping team decided to all take a vacation on the same day, so our executive team is up stairs trying to get rooms ready as fast as possible, it could be an hour maybe two wait but please help yourself to either some food or drinks from the snack area while you wait”

This is 10:30pm at night! “How did you not have a back up plan for this?! Did you just realize this was going to happen?!,” is all running through my mind and begin to think should I try to find another hotel now.  In reality, it’s also the worse info you can tell a guest, pretty much the team went on a “strike” I imagine.

I get into the car and start unloading the car, cause I’m like I just want to sleep, whatever they have available, I’m taking it! We unpack the car, Mungo is all curious and anxious barking to need to go outside and walk and everyone trying to come up and pet him and I’m saying “No, don’t touch him, he will bite.” And as I ask the clerk where the nearest doggy relief area is, he says “I have a room for you it’s a King bed will that work?” Yes, I will take whatever. So I get Mungo all relieved somewhat in the pouring rain. We get to the room, first impression of the hotel is it needs to be clean. There is no pride in the hotel of up-keep! Then we get into the room, and it’s even worse! The full length mirror / bathroom door, cracked from the floor to ceiling. The bathroom had no large bath towels, only the small hand towels, the in room info items were torn and looked like been through the wash, horrible paint job and wall paper was peeling and looked like someone banged the wall and didn’t spot paint the scuffs. The hallways were trashed, people were asking for bed sheets and towels and leaving dirty ones in the hall by their door, trash on the floor of scrapes, the elevator advertisement was peeling, ripped off and looked horrible. It was just like, I just want to sleep and get out FAST! Least Mungo enjoyed the king size bed with my mom and I.

Saturday – almost there!  

What can you say about Oklahoma to Kansas and Colorado – besides that it’s flat, flat and flat. Thankfully this was the least of our worries on the drive. We finally were in the final stretch and releaved that this was all we had to do and just get home!

And we finally made it, and Mungo was happy as can be with his new play buddy Peanut, the Chihuahua Pomeranian mix that my parents have. And then Colorado greeted us no other way it knows to… by SNOWING!

From 80 degree weather to 20 degree weather! Nothing beats that!


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