That Anticipation of Leaving is Tough pt. 1

I needed to break down my road trip with Mungo because let’s be honest it was a long 30 hours! So you get a 2 part deal! Yay you!

Revving up the Engine for the Drive

Before us leaving as you saw in the previous post for the Gold Rush.

As you saw there, lots of tears, smeared make up and spinning circles. After that began the real work of planning this trip. My mom was able to come help me do the drive back, yay mom. And that was good to know. We began asking our husband’s what they think route wise and our neighbor (who does the drive every year with their golf clubs, typical definition of a snow bird but a vast amount of knowledge) they were so sweet, they typed out about 5 or so different routes we should take. If you haven’t watched the news lately, Atlanta has been having a lot of issues with their highway system, I will admit I didn’t know till we started planning out this trip. And also had to remember about Tornado ally and season is beginning to start for the West, something I haven’t had to deal with in a while besides the two “Hurricanes” we dealt with that turned into very hard rain storms or “Tropical Storms” as they ended up naming them. So there begins avoiding all the different roads through Atlanta and the tornadoes but we came up with our route.

Florida to Georgia then Alabama to Tennessee then Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and good Ol’  Colorado. If you really want to count it’s about 9 states that we go through during our trip.
Google map said it was to be 30 Hours or 2,100 exact miles for destination to destination. That shouldn’t be that bad.
Now that I knew the route we would take and the goal of driving 10 hours each day, I was able to REALLY figure out where to do our stops. Hubby was saying don’t limit yourself to just driving to those destination stops. Note we have not driven in a road trip together, when he drives he drives till he is tired. I drive till I get to a stopping place on my route and then I take some needed R&R, and I also noted to him, he doesn’t have a dog in the car like I will, and both of us will NEED to run around from being in a car for 10 hours a day.

The scheduled stops ended up being Auburn, Alabama and Tulsa, Oklahoma for our heads to rest in a bed at night and to get food. Both have tons of pet friendly hotels. If you haven’t tried any of them you should! Town place Suites and Aloft Hotels.

My mom and I also started to look for audio books to listen to on our way through the towns, (*** plug promotional moment*** if you haven’t gotten a FREE library card for your local library do it. Get the card because one it’s free, two you have tons of resources and books, DVDs, classes to look through. And if you miss that feeling of “roaming” the Blockbuster Stores, like I do, the library has the exact same feel of roaming for any movie you want but also again hello it’s FREE! Good bye Redbox!)
We started looking online for books we would like to listen to and we finally came up with a few.
Hubby helped me get the car a full inspection done, oil change, tires rotated, full detail bumper to bumper with the dealership in Florida so it was road trip ready. It was so shiny and pretty!

Then the packing started. I was able to use the big luggage bag to fill it up with all my clothing and then my socks and belts and accessories I filled up my under the bed storage unit that holds ALL my shoes and stuffed items in there as well. Might as well because it’s utilizing the empty space pockets there was. Then I used those large garbage bags and placed all my clothing hanging in the closet in their own bundled “garment bag” so when I unpack all you have to do it take the bags of clothes hangers on and place them on the pole, take the bag off TA-DA you have clothes ready to be worn! While at the same time I’m packing, I’m also going through all of my stuff and seeing what could be donated including shoes and jewelry. I finished up with 2 and a half bags right there of clean folded clothes and shoes included not too bad. The motto I repeated, I haven’t worn it in Florida then why would I carry back to Colorado with me and waste space. To say the least, I was all over the place and Mungo was enjoying easy access to all these items I purposely put away, like my shoes or even the Tigger ears I got in Disney World a long time ago. But how can you not love a little Tigger.

T- I – Double GA – er that spells Tigger! 

Here come the tears – grab the tissues. 

Now the packing was done, in the house but not in the car that would be till Wednesday night after I picked up my mom from the airport. And hubby, Mungo and I were sitting enjoying a take out burger on Easter Sunday and it was the unsettling quiet in the room cause we all knew that the “next chapter” was coming. I didn’t have any ingredients to make a dinner cause the grocery store was closed that day, oops poor planning on that part. Mungo was sleeping (wet from playing in his water bowl from his walk / time at the apartment dog park) under the table while Hubby and I ate the burgers and didn’t say much about it or say much at all. It’s the silence we both knew that if we started talking about what was happening we’d get sappy emotional and I didn’t need that kind of soggy burger and fries besides from the grease. We just ate and looked at each other and said well in a few weeks hubby will be there in Colorado with us or that my dad and Mungo will become best of pals because my dad will have a running buddy crew, but we knew what we both really were feeling. Those moments of just taking it in together there, we haven’t done a long distance relationship before. We’ve done long times not seeing each other because of work schedules and being a apart during my last semester of college in but never across state borders. We’ve been, I believe, cherishing more time together than we realized and just being like oh you will miss this or you wouldn’t miss that kind of play but reality is, I will miss all of it.

Then come the people at work, just making sure everything is ready for the replacement and the transfer to my new hotel. And everyone ask how I’m doing and I’m just like good, but I know at home I may get teary and same with seeing co-workers after I do a last happy hour with them. They have all become a part of my family, and to be honest I don’t know the next time I will see them in person. It’s that sense of everyone is not wanting me to leave and I know it’ll be tough to go. Though I know this will be good in the long run! With that I was done working at the beach property and moving myself to a Downtown property.

image1 (2)

Then the Wednesday finally came, my mom got in fine with her flight. I, just the night, before did a last Happy hour with some co-workers and we just talked all night. And it’s all that we will miss you sense, but then also hope to see you soon, and I have an excuse to now explore Colorado. Mungo was excited to go, I was getting nervous, and trying to wrap my head around this drive. But it wasn’t working cause I was more focused on the packing. You know how I said above I tried to put everything in my under the bed storage, didn’t happen cause it was too long for the car! Oops! So begins narrowing down even more what shoes I wanted to bring with me to Colorado. I ended up with 8 pairs of shoes, that’s it…. if you don’t know me, I LOVE shoes! But I had to narrow it down, cause it you see my car, it’s smaller than I needed to carry EVERYTHING I wanted. with my stuff and Mungo’s stuff. Clothes mainly for me, Mungo needed his crate, doggy bed, toys, dog food, grooming table, & grooming tools: the car felt more packed with Mungo’s stuff than mine.

Hubby not included in standard feature of car

 We loaded up the car, had some dinner, mom went to her hotel down the road to stay the night while hubby, Mungo and I had a last night together. My mind was racing I couldn’t stop relaxing. The night ended up with watching Cool Running on Netflix (fitting for the cold CO trip), eating the rest of the Cookie Dough Ice Cream straight from the tub with the hubby and sharing a bowl of popcorn together. Hubby and Mungo fell asleep on the couch together 30 minutes into the movie. I kept thinking of everything I needed to do before leaving and what else I needed to pack. Because I was suppose to be on the road at 7am in the morning. This is tough for me to do, I’m not a morning person one bit. But I got it done. I printed out the directions for back up. And finally went to bed.

The trip begins! 

Hubby was already up early and took Mungo out one last time before we went our way West. We both woke up late, the sugar crash from last night got to us. But as hubby was about to leave for his next shift at the hospital, all decked out in his white coat and scrub. We stopped, gathered our breath and held each other tight, never long enough. Gave a kiss good bye said see you in a few weeks and off he went to work, while I began to cry as he locked the door behind him. There I was, in the living room. Reality really sunk in. Mungo and I were leaving Florida, today. But I couldn’t just stand there and cry the whole time, I had to get going. So I called my mom said I needed help finishing up the packing of my car with the last things and had breakfast, got pup in the car. And off we go!

Part 2 will be next, prepare for the long trek with us!

Here we go! On the road we go!

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