We are going West for the Gold Rush

I write this in a moment of mixed emotions. First, it’s with excitement that as I received a chance to have a job transfer back to CO, but secondly it’s also bittersweet because well Hubby, myself and Mungo will be doing a long distance relationship till Hubby is done with rotations which is done in August. So Mungo and I will be driving West for the gold rush, hopefully Mungo can be a good co-pilot with me as this will be a 30+ hour drive from Florida to Colorado.

With that in mind, I have not driven cross country with a dog before. Myself and my family for family trips yes, but with a dog, one time but that was a 14 hour drive. This is 30+ hours, this is not even close. I began to go into planning mode and over planning mode. And over planning turns into frustration to then mad tears, while Mungo and hubby try to cheer me up. I do the ugly cry thing, snot nosed, crocodile tears, mascara smeared everywhere across my face cause I’m overwhelmed. Mind you to know as well, I am doing this half hungry, so this could also be a hangry (hungry & angry) moment. And I’m, between sobs, saying “I am suppose to be this strong independent lady you married not crying to doing a cross country move with a dog which I haven’t even started driving yet.”

Hubby was helpful though, he let me cry it out and he knows how to help me talk through my thoughts, Mungo just knows to bring a toy into my lap and force me to play with him and take a break. What lead up to me doing the ugly cry session was, planning a ton of stops that were dog friendly for Mungo to be able to stretch and run while being stuck in the car and kennel for so long. Yes, all focused on Mungo for a good road trip.

I started out with working with the website Bring Fido to help with trying to find a ton of highly recommended pet friendly places to go. Then I got with all the hotels they list as well and see if they have availability, at the same time I have 2 different maps up to trace what I need to do and  the trip I was planning with the stops. The trip was suppose to be 3 days about long, the one I was doing was turning into 5 days, which I don’t really have the time for.  All while doing the research, by the time I had my melt down was with 30 tabs open on my browser, an excel spreadsheet trying to do the math for what I needed to do time and miles wise (I had to look up a formula to figure this out and it didn’t work out well and didn’t help the frustration), and Mungo wanting to play tug- o-war  and I’m hold the rope in-between my toes and half being spun around in our swivel chair.

My head was spinning figuratively and reality wise. Everything I had to pack was stuff for him in my car. The grooming table, the kennel, toys, dog food then my clothes and shoes. And I’m trying to visualize this in my  head how this is all going to fit, and I’m just like oh boy, maybe I need to live an even more minimal life.

I went to the experts for help, after trying to do it myself. First the search engine, that didn’t help, it overwhelmed me even more. Than I did a phone call to my Mother in Law who has done a ton of road trips cause of showing. She was like just keep the dog in the kennel and you’ll know when they need to get out and stretch their legs, it’s the same pattern as when I need to stop. So that’s a good note to keep in mind.

With this roller coaster of feelings still coming up and down, we will be sharing with you later on once we park the car in our new home how the whole the trip went. It’ll be a “Where’s Mungo” segment moment because, it’s I hope not going to be us lost the whole time but more of showcasing what we do get to see during our drive. Stay tuned cause it’ll be a May day event to look forward too! But for now, we are going to be focusing a ton of the ball for fetch.



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