We have a One Year Old

That’s right. You read that title correctly. Mungo has officially become a one year old, or seven years old in dog terms. It’s one of those moments when you can’t help feel like either it’s an accomplishment or just another moment of trying to catch your breath and trying to run after a now full grown dog across the field instead of a little puppy with little legs that gets tired very quickly. It’s been a weird moment I will admit to having a one year old dog in my life., he’s everything myself and my hubby was least expecting to happen to us.

We didn’t expect to get excited and anxious receiving all the videos of our puppy growing up before he came into our home. 4-12 boy sitting.jpg

We didn’t expect to have a puppy a week before our wedding. Bringing home a 8 week old puppy home and beginning the potty training is a feat on it’s own. As you saw in other posts.

We didn’t expect to have categorizes of toys when we would go through the pet store to being all labeled “Terrier proof” or “Tough” is nothing. This is proven by Mungo that the word “Tough” on the package of the toy is a marketing lie or scheme to make you spend more money on it and he can in 5 minutes flat destroy it and you will be chasing him or trying to do the command “Drop It” from every piece of the toy that he carries around like a prize. Picture a cat with the mouse in his mouth and dropping it at your feet and looking up at you like, does this not please you? Or the picture below works just as well.

Mungo with his duck before he ruined it RIP Duck

We didn’t expect to have a puppy that loves to sleep next to us by the computer or in our lap whenever we needed to do work or study. Or get on top of our table to try to type on the computer with us.



We didn’t expect a dog to sit on the couch arm like Snoopy does on his house. This has now turned into his way of saying I’m ready to go outside or helping us put his leash on to go for a walk.


We didn’t think we would be the type of people to dress up our dog in funny or cute costumes or clothing because we thought that was over the top and a waste of money…


We didn’t expect how difficult it would be to learn from the very beginning how to Hand Strip a wire coat dog. The hubby knew somewhat from watching his mom do it, but we didn’t expect how much time, patience, treats, videos, textbooks, money and effort it would take…and lot and lots of scratches, bites and growling from both parties. IMG_0971.JPG

We didn’t expect to love taking pictures and videos and starting a blog to say the least about our welsh terrier and sharing it with you besides in Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat in our own personal settings.

After this is all done, I personally couldn’t stop and have a little bit of a tear as I went back and looked at all our our pictures and see what we took during this whole year together, then you remember if you start to cry or take your eyes off of Mungo for a second, he is in mischief. As he might be right now as I write this out, it’s too quiet around me and he’s not sleeping by my foot, he must be scheming up a plan now to continue to challenge us in all the fun ways he does.

So Happy Birthday Mungo, you totally are Arapho Feelin’ Groovy!17342664_10208929934913762_4499388915396441634_n.jpg

IMG_0902.JPGIMG_0943.JPGIMG_0964.JPGIMG_0981.JPG thumbnail_P1015487 - Copy.jpg



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