Parenting Styles aren’t just for kids

Recently I was reflecting back on that emotional nostalgia of how did we, hubby and I, got here, we are now with an 11 month of Welshie and being married during this time and going through this master school together, etc. etc. etc. Than we really got into the laughs of how we are such a different “parenting” styles with how we handled Mungo being so young and growing up.

One moment that really comes to mind is, giving a puppy a dental stick. Now, when we got Mungo, we knew that we needed to give him something: one for those teething puppy the other just to make sure his breath had “minty freshness.” Well, Mungo like any other puppy knew what the the good teething items were and which weren’t… that’s a lie. anything for the puppy with puppy teeth is free grabs if they can reach it.

Yes, as you can see just a few examples of Mungo teething. Shoes, beer cozies, jeans, socks, reading glasses. It’s all been chewed up, gnawed on and teeth marked, yep we still have the proof of it to this day. But we wouldn’t want to change those little teeth marks any day, they are memories.

Back to the whole dental sticks deal, hubby and I gave Mungo his first dental stick as a puppy. The puppy size ones, right for a puppy. These dental sticks were labeled for 10-15 lbs or 2-4 months old dogs. Okay, that was Mungo at that time, good thinking, about 8pm at night, I remember it so well. So I give the pup Mungo the stick, but note, these are smaller than I though they would be, but I knew that I would be sitting and holding the stick for Mungo while I watched a movie, hubby was on the computer going through another Power point presentation for who knows what the topic was for the day. Well, I gave Mungo the stick, it fit in his whole mouth a little smaller than I thought, but he wouldn’t eat it whole right, well hubby saw this moment happening too, low and behold, Mungo the Welsh terrier can once again impress us and scare us. And just like their breed description, they will show you how to do something in all the ways you didn’t think was possible – cue Mungo eating the whole stick in 2 bites. didn’t even blink or think anything was wrong, just chew chew GULP than looked at me and looked at hubby with his cute little welshie docked tail wagging on the floor and was like “Another one?”

This is were the parenting style differences…hubby begins to panic! Like from getting annoyed with the Power point presentation amount of slides he still needs to read for his class the next morning to all attention to researching side effects of what could happen to a puppy eating a whole dental stick, 24 hr emergency rooms vets, how to check the vitals on dogs, grabbing the stethoscope listening to Mungo’s tummy and trying to check his breathing. Me… a little panicked but not like the world is ending we need to stick fingers down the throat for the puppy to bring the stick back up as hubby was thinking we would need to do. I just grabbed the phone, got the number of the 24 hr vet that our primary vet gave us, left a message, and just made sure Mungo had plenty of water to drink so he didn’t get dehydrated and it would help digest the stick a little faster. I gave the number to hubby cause he still wanted a professional help / advice. And he talked to the 24 hr tech that was there, the vet was saying everything Pet Med MD website told us… watch the puppy, have water and if the puppy seems to be struggling with either bowel movements or breathing, then bring the puppy in. Hubby was still not taking any of it, and he stayed up with Mungo and watched him sleep the WHOLE night! And he didn’t put him in his puppy kennel so if Mungo needed to poo, than he would just go on the carpet, and we would clean up the mess after he was done. The thinking behind this was to help Mungo pass the dental stick, but the same time was not helping our housebreaking.

Me and Mungo, both fell asleep and were fine! Hubby, was grumpy, red eye tiredness and cranky. That would make sense staying up all night with a puppy that was perfectly fine! But it happens, more than you realize when you have a new puppy. Other times include eating something Mungo shouldn’t have to puppy getting sick from other neighbors dog poop. Apparently, a puppy is more prone to getting sick even with all the shots they are required to get, for example, did you know a puppy can have severe diarrhea or vomiting sometimes at the same time from sniffing another dog’s poop! Yeah, me neither! I didn’t know that, well $$$$$$ spending later, we learned that and had to give puppy tummy medication for. For cheaper you can actually give chicken broth and plain rice with boiled non- seasoned chicken to a puppy and it has the same effect, as the medication. It’s help settling the tummy. Or pepto bismol is also good for them in a VERY small amount.

Our parenting styles don’t just happen with scare moments, it happens with training moments. Hubby has a mentality that helps with training a puppy, always going and changing the task that needs to be done so it’s always something new and a game. Me, I try to make it fun, I try to be that peppy cheerleader getting Mungo excited about doing the task I am trying to have him do but only focusing on that one task. Mungo is attached to hubby more because of this reason. I do get jealous about this, because Mungo is more focused with him, and does what hubby ask.  When we go to training class together, Mungo always wants to be with hubby because of this, he knows it’s going to be fun and constantly changing. But when I just take Mungo to class alone, he actually focuses on me, and I feel  stressed and irritated (I’ll admit it) to the attachment with boys have together, but it makes sense, they had more time together and they are on the same wave length together. It’s a process for sure to train a puppy, but it’s fun.


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