Its the End of the World as we know it

We got Mungo into our lives like I stated in May, the week right before we got married.

Mr & Mrs. aka “Mom & Dad” for Mungo

Yay us. Had we had known having a wedding and a puppy at the same time would be so much fun we would have done it sooner. Not. I’m not saying I regret it, I’m just saying… with our wedding being a destination wedding for a lot of family members to our “home” than we may have used the time to get Mungo as a “honeymoon”. Either way, we got him home. Safely. And at the end of our wedding we were ALL tired.

Crashing from the wedding weekend, Mungo is under the table
Yes, this is his favorite sleeping spot

The plan was I would go out to get Mungo with hubby Friday night, sleep that night, go to the breeder’s home, pick up Mungo, have a little time with him and than I’d be back on the plane Saturday night for the midnight flight back so I could be at work Monday morning. While hubby and Mungo got to do bonding time, make sure the paperwork was in check for Mungo to fly and be home by Wednesday. Would you believe me when I say ever moment at work till Wednesday I was texting, Skyping and calling hubby for pictures & videos of Mungo. I wanted to have that bonding time too with him. Because again, how could you not love this little face of his!!!!!

Well they finally get home and that’s when the trouble really begins with this pup. Hubby wasn’t having too much difficulty with Mungo in CO with the potty training, because our parent’s homes had backyards with sliding doors to walk out really REALLY quickly with the Mungo when the time came to go out. But when he brought him to our home, I think that was the start of it being difficult.

Living in an apartment is great, however, being on the 3rd floor is tough for potty training. Because you need to on the hour every hour take a puppy out to go do their business. The second they get any water in their system, got to go outside. Any food they eat, sure enough you know in 30 minutes they will be going outside or they will do it on the floor cause you aren’t faster than their little digestive system. I think that was the toughest part, potty training with a puppy. People on other blogs have said it’s tough to potty train puppies, but it’s an even tougher process with Welsh Terriers. Let me back up a little about a Welsh terrier and what they are like…

In the Welsh Terrier (Comprehensive Owner’s Guide) book, they state “Sometimes one has to wonder if perchance the Welsh Terrier speaks only Welsh, for the dog has an uncanny knack of ignoring directions and commands given in the owner’s native tongue. This is often mistaken for stubbornness, but that’s not quite true. The Welsh Terrier is easily distracted and therefor may not be paying attention to you, or, more accurately, is paying strict attention to something else…easily distracted or intensely focused, which is, after all, how an earth dog must function. Take your eye off the target (be it rat, fox or badger) and you’ve lost the ‘game’…the Welsh Terrier sees nothing to be gained by pointless repetition. The breed is intelligent and, as everyone knows, it isn’t always easy to cope with intelligence. He is not a canine robot, but instead will show you (without having been asked) just how many different ways he can execute your request….the Welsh Terrier may have coined the phrase ‘equal opportunity employer’ for he will seize every opportunity to become your equal, or better.”Kennel Club Books –  Welsh Terrier (Special Limited Edition A Comprehensive Owner’s Guide) 2005, pg 336 – 346 

The AKC Website states, “As alert and spirited as any self-respecting terrier, but a bit calmer than most.”

Well should I note here we did not get this book till AFTER we got Mungo. All we knew was the AKC website information and the breeders “New Owner” Manual she created for us. Thank you Breeder! But potty training with a welsh terrier is not the for the faint of heart. Let alone if your first dog as a newlywed couple is a welsh terrier, May the Odds be in your favor. It’s possible to have welsh puppies be potty trained, but it take a LOT longer than the average puppy does for potty training. You have to create a schedule to be consistent for potty training and for your sanity. Our scheduled turned into

6:30am or earlier depending on Mungo’s sleep schedule – he starts barking or whining was his favorite and rolling around in his crate. This is always before your alarm clock goes off for the day.

6:35 am – ~7:00am waiting outside in the grass spot by your apartment in PJs waiting for puppy to “Go Potty” and “Go Poopy” and repeat these phrases to yourself mainly to remind yourself why you are outside with a 8 pound puppy in your pjs and flip flops while your neighbors are probably tired of hearing your “baby voice” of “Go Potty.” and “Good Boy Mungo, yes that’s a good potty” while giving him a treat.

7:15am – 7:45am feed Mungo and give him water, while he eats you rush to get somewhat decently dressed for work and school than hear the jingle of dog tags moving around in the apartment and you know trouble is moving towards you. Or if you hear no noise, you start panicking and looking for the puppy before you have to spend time cleaning up a mess.

7:50am – 8:00am another “Go Potty” & “Go Poopy” special moment this time Mungo is more alert and awake and is smelling  everything in sight because all the other dogs have marked their territory. While at this time, I walk / carry Mungo with me downstairs to say bye to hubby on his way to class as I wait for Mungo to do his business.

8:15am – Crate train Mungo to go in his crate when you say the command “kennel” while also holding another treat for him and placing a Snowflake puppy teething toy into the crate with him to knaw on till hubby comes home around 11 or 12pm for lunch from class.

12pm – 1:00pm Hubby comes home to greet Mungo in his kennel, another potty run and quickly eating whatever left overs are in the fridge.

3:00pm – 5:00pm Hubby comes home again from another day of classwork done. Another puppy walk and potty run. During this time, it also means play time, running the puppy around in the apartment as much as possible till mommy, myself, comes home from work.

6:30pm – Dinner time. Always on the dot, during this time, I’m cooking our dinner as well as I can while puppy is focused on his food.

7:00pm Parents dinner time, enjoy talking or venting about my day while hubby sits and eats dinner. Mungo is sitting with us at our feet waiting for food to drop onto the floor.

7:30pm – Potty time! This one needs to be done fast, no chance to put the dinner dishes into the dishwasher, when Mungo needs to go he needs to go.

8:00pm finally a few moments of quiet.. SIKE, Mungo is wanting to play AGAIN and is running back and forth from the kitchen to the bathroom to catch his chew toy.

8:30pm – another potty run from all the running around and water he drinks. This time we bring a flash flight with us, because someone likes to grab whatever trash is in the grass from our neighbors and we must avoid any choking hazards. (This one we learned the hard way with one of our neighbors tossing a grilled T-bone steak into the bushes and Mungo was able to sniff it out < more to all the things Mungo has found and tried to chew and we  panic)

9:00pm – puppy is finally starting to fall asleep, we are finally able to check emails and work on some more studying.

10:00pm – one more potty run to make sure Mungo is ready for bed.

10:30pm – I go to my scheduled bed time  carrying the puppy in my arms and placing him into the crate with a toy or a shirt so he knows we are still there.

10:45pm – it’s sleep time and get as much rest as possible because this repeats itself every day till he is 6 months old!


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