First blog post – Getting to know you

So you came across my blog… about a dog…  But what is it about, and what is the purpose of it. Well mainly it’s a reason to show the progress and share what it is like to have a pure-breed Welsh Terrier in our life and try to help brighten you, the reader’s day, with just some humor about the process how he runs my life. Along the way maybe share how I’ve been trying to get healthy and maybe do a marathon or just a ton of running in general.
So began the thinking of this blog, Mungo was running my life and I am trying to now run and become healthy, get it, Running with a Welshie.

So how did we become “blog”able. Well this is were we go back in time…
*cue flashback music*

When  my hubby and I got engaged, February 2015, we knew  we wanted to have a dog in our lives or in my hubby’s mind: 3 Airedales, 4 Scottish Wolfhounds and 3 Irish Wolfhounds and the list goes on. I knew large dogs with large personalities was always going to be in our home. The first dog we thought about having was an Airedale. Hubby grew up with them, his mom use to show them. So that’s where the idea of having an Airedale came to Hubby’s mind. I was hesitant because of their size in an apartment, so what does Hubby’s mom do, pull out her show dog “bible” practically and bring up the Welsh Terrier page. PERFECT, same coloring, personality, smaller size, it’s a fit! We became active with looking for breeders in Colorado, well we meet one at a dog show. Very cute and the initial reaction of the size I was in LOVE! How could you not love that face!

Fast forward to us moving to our new home, Florida. I still had the puppy itch, I wanted one quickly, so my hubby started talking to breeders for our anniversary gift, I ruined that surprise of his, I knew he was planning something and wanted to be a part of it!

Getting a puppy from an AKC breeder, is TOUGH and it test your patience! We waited for a whole year, we kept talking to breeders, we kept answering questionnaires, calling, emailing, waiting for one litter of puppies to be born. Who would have thought waiting for a puppy would take so long. Lo and behold, we finally were no longer on the wait list for a puppy, and we got to add one into our family, March 2016 we became, “puppy parents”.

 Than became how crazy our lives were going to become… we ended up getting our little boy May 2016. One week before our wedding, yep… new puppy to come home and we get married. Crazy, but why not. Getting the puppy was another adventure on it’s own, we took the airport parking bus for the first time, thinking it would be cheaper. Nope, first you can’t find the parking lot first, then we got stuck in terminal one when we needed to be in terminal four with traffic, the driver of the bus even told us, “You better run to make your flight.” So began the running < the beginning of it all with this pup, constantly running to catch him. We ran through the terminals to get to the gate, suitcases and all. We got to the gate, and onto the plane, and we had a guest with us. Yes one happy dog.

Then we finally got to the day of picking up our little boy blue

Having a Welsh Terrier, at first seems like we would have this lovable, cuddly, sweet boy to be included in our family. Well we were SO wrong! So wrong that we though we got ourselves the wrong dog, or breed. Every AKC or Adoption center says when you are in the thought of bringing a new pet into your life, especially a dog, you really REALLY need to research everything.

Here was our list after all of the research and we narrowed down what all the important pieces we needed to consider for bring a dog into our lives. Black is everyone’s suggestions, blue is my hubby and my thoughts.

  1. What is your level of attention you would give your pet?
    Enough for us to still be able to study for hubby’s master degree in medicine and for myself to be able to do an 8 hour work day.
  2. How often do you want to groom your dog?
    Once a month is ideal, or less. Saves us money.
  3. Do you have the space to have a dog in your place?
    We live in a ~700  sq ft. apartment, all tile and we have a dog park with our apartment, that should be enough right?
  4. What age do you want the dog?
    We are fine with a 8 week old puppy, this would help us with training. 

Everything was so wrong! But so wrong it was right for us. And so begins our journey together of remembering and sharing what our journey is like having a Welsh Terrier and constantly running.


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